December 04, 2017

POL LUPI’S TRAVEL: A new CLIL Task in Social Sciences classroom

It’s XIV century and Pinós’ lord needs a great investment in order to enlarge Sant Esteve church in Granollers city. To succeed in his project, Pinós’ lord needs help from all Granollers’ traders. They will help economically their lord to build the church their city deserves. The merchant Pol Lupi together with the 1st grade students have been travelling through Europe in order to gain money for their Lord.
The students played the role of qualified cartographers and travelled with Lupi planifiying the route in a map and describing all the wonderful landscapes they found. In the following video Daniele and Alba describe thoroughly this travel.

Moreover, they also played other historical roles as the journalist Stanley, the army explorer Lewis or Captain James Cook in order to achieve geographical knowledge from all around the world through the explorers voyages. Here some pics of the students working on the project:

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