December 07, 2017

Arts and Crafts' 1st ESO students learn the seven Elements of Art making a collective Visual Art Dictionary.

How well can you describe an artwork? Beautiful, interesting, colourful... but... can you describe its colors, lines, textures or shapes?

In this unit students are learning specific vocabulary about the seven Elements of Art (Line, Color, Value, Texture, Space, Form and Shape) and are applying them into a personal illustration.

Every student has created a double page illustrating a different concept related to an Element of Art and following the same layout. In the end they will put together all pages and will create a cover. It will be their Collective Visual Art Dictionary!

Here you can see some students preparing their presentations:

Here they are showing their works:

In their presentations, students described their partner's work using the specific vocabulary they had learnt.

Once we finish the presentations, we will show you the final Visual Dictionary. For now, you can see its different parts as follows:

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