November 14, 2018


1st ESO students are learning the water cycle.
They love singing a funny song: "Water Cycle Boogie"

May 28, 2018

Physical Education

Last 16th of May we went with our groups of 2nA and 2nB to watch: Wonderful Losers. A DIfferent world.

In the elite teams of world cycling there are unknown fighters, true heroes of cycling who crash, get up and go again. An odyssey that reveals an unusual look at the “wonderful losers”, those who sacrifice their professional careers for the glory of their teammates.
In the end without your team, you are nothing!

May 09, 2018

Mathematical pictures

We have been doing teamwork in maths class during some weeks.

First of all, we went to Ponent park and took a lot of pictures of anything we wanted.

After that, we chose which one was the best picture in order to work all the issues demanded
and we had to justify the reason of that election.

The most important points to work were proportionality(using scales to discover all
the other measures of the picture if we knew any), geometry(calling by their
mathematical name as maximum different figures as we can) and
equations(we must develop a sort of problem with the picture as a
reference and using equations to solve it).

March 20, 2018

The artistic moviments of the nineteenth century

Color, lines, moviment, brush strokes.... we had studied everything about the artistic moviments of the nineteenth century. Which one do you prefer Realism, Impressionism, Romanticism, Postimpressionism, Art Nouveau or Symbolism? 

February 28, 2018

Artist's Challenge: our students play with shadows as the photografer Lee Friedlander.


Your shadow, like a faithful dog, is always at your side, a companion that demands nothing of you and, in return requires no attention.

Your shadow seems to just tag along. But you animate it; you are its director .

Our students haver realized a photographic work based on the American artist Lee Friedlander who was always on the lookout for new ways to see what trouble his shadow can get into, and how much fun we can have watching it.

After taking the pictures the students  have practiced how to describe  them and answered questions as which was the intention that they had , where and when they took the picture or how they think the viewer will react to the picture.




February 26, 2018

Natural Sciences

1st ESO students learn the cell parts with a CLIL task.

In a mutual dictation, the students are divided into pairs of student As and student Bs and then each given the relevant worksheet, either A or B.
The aim of the activity is to dictate their information to each other in order to get the complete text.
It is great for encouraging learners to cooperate together and also has a fun puzzle element which keeps motivation up. It provides integrated skills practice as students are reading, speaking, listening and writing all in the one activity. 

February 12, 2018

English Day is coming!!!

English Day at Antoni Cumella is the coming 2nd of March. 
In 3ESO Science class we have been designing some posters these last days in order to prep the school for English Day.
The topic of the posters is safe sex and contraceptive methods. 
Here are some of the posters the class has made, visit our school on English Day if you want to see all of them!

December 22, 2017

Mathematics in English

2 ESO students doing some math problems in English and learning new vocabulary related to the subject.

December 07, 2017

Arts and Crafts' 1st ESO students learn the seven Elements of Art making a collective Visual Art Dictionary.

How well can you describe an artwork? Beautiful, interesting, colourful... but... can you describe its colors, lines, textures or shapes?

In this unit students are learning specific vocabulary about the seven Elements of Art (Line, Color, Value, Texture, Space, Form and Shape) and are applying them into a personal illustration.

Every student has created a double page illustrating a different concept related to an Element of Art and following the same layout. In the end they will put together all pages and will create a cover. It will be their Collective Visual Art Dictionary!

Here you can see some students preparing their presentations:

Here they are showing their works:

In their presentations, students described their partner's work using the specific vocabulary they had learnt.

Once we finish the presentations, we will show you the final Visual Dictionary. For now, you can see its different parts as follows:

December 05, 2017

Getting to know our blood groups

While we are studying the role of blood inside our bodies, we are getting to know what blood groups are and what's their importance in blood transfusion. Here we are discussing our different blood groups in 3er ESO.

December 04, 2017

POL LUPI’S TRAVEL: A new CLIL Task in Social Sciences classroom

It’s XIV century and Pinós’ lord needs a great investment in order to enlarge Sant Esteve church in Granollers city. To succeed in his project, Pinós’ lord needs help from all Granollers’ traders. They will help economically their lord to build the church their city deserves. The merchant Pol Lupi together with the 1st grade students have been travelling through Europe in order to gain money for their Lord.
The students played the role of qualified cartographers and travelled with Lupi planifiying the route in a map and describing all the wonderful landscapes they found. In the following video Daniele and Alba describe thoroughly this travel.

Moreover, they also played other historical roles as the journalist Stanley, the army explorer Lewis or Captain James Cook in order to achieve geographical knowledge from all around the world through the explorers voyages. Here some pics of the students working on the project:

December 03, 2017

Physics and Chemistry ESO 2 - Laboratory Equipment

The students of second ESO A are preparing a poster with augmented reality to explain us the different material we can find in our laboratory and what is it used for.

Check out the corridor in a couple weeks time to learn about the laboratory equipment!

November 28, 2017



- Why the population of a country is different from one year to another year?

- What are the birth and death rates?

- How we could calculate the natural growth of population?

- What are the reasons of the migratory movements?

All this and more we are going to work. Let's go!!!!

October 19, 2017

Enjoying with Albert Han

This year we have a very special guest: Albert Han. He is a conversation assistant who will be with us the whole course. Some students of 4th ESO prepared some questions and interviewed him the other day. They are eager to have him in class the next day. 

Welcome Albert!!